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Medical city

Medical City is a center for medical primary care with GPs, private general practitioners, specialists, travel vaccination clinic mm. The mission was a strong and distinct logo that would give an including sense through the use of the heart symbol as the first letter M.

Front page

Tracing Freedom

- What does the word freedom mean to you? With this question, a notebook and a camera, photographer Tom Hatlestad drove Norway-Bangladesh-Norway. He was met by trust and hospitality everwhere he went, and so the book was to - mile after mile. The design presents each person with a full-page portrait, and their own handwritten definition of freedom. Translations into Norwegian and English. The book is a brick of knowledge from illiterate and highly educated, from rich and poor. For whatever background - we all carry the inherent desire for freedom within ourselves.


Song of Seikilos

Song of Seikilos is the first book of the upcoming series The Kairos Albums



Buy the book here.
Edition: 350, numbered and signed. Format: 28,5x29,5 cm. ISBN: 978-82-998527-1-5. 128 pages. 68 euro / 87 dollar / 498 kroner.

The Giants´ Living Room

Tone Elin Solholm opened doors overgrown by moss to her own childhood in the book The Giants' Living Room. Memories and archived moods have been the backdrop for the photos, which is accompanied by a prose poem written by the American poet and photographer Rebecca Norris Webb.
is available in both trade edition (USD 39/euro 30 plus shipping) and a limited edition of boxed books (10 in the edition) that come with two signed prints (9.4 inches, on the longest dimension) and costs USD 350/euro 260. To order: please email: tone(at)kairosworks.no


Second Shadow

Second Shadow gave me a design challenge; to avoid cliches. Her project with the angels needed a presentation that was different from what we normally associate with the topic. The result is a design that allows reflection and memories to surface.


House Calls

wanted a design that challenged the traditional way of creating photo books. Graphic lines mirror each photo throughout the book and provide the observant reader an extra experience.



Elsewhere is published by KEHRER. From the foreword by Tracy Xavia Karner: "Above all, Elsewhere is a visual travelogue of a life well lived - full of exotic, yet seemingly familiar places, voyages of adventure and memory - a diary of the shadow and light that makes up a year, a day, a moment."

Visual identity

Biodanza Norge

Biodanza is about human development and integration through dance, music, movement, emotional experiences, encounters and positive touch. Biodanza is a non-verbal, non-analytical process that focuses on the individual experience here and now, leading to an intense experience of the moment. The customer wanted a fresh visual identity with both physical and mental energy and vitality. The profile will eventually be implemented on the web.


Nordic Light

At Nordic Light International Festival of Photography you can meet your heroes close at hand. The redesign of the visual identity is one of several steps to move towards their ambition of becoming the most important photo festival in Northern Europe.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Moroccan encounters

Images from travel in Morocco. Published over eight pages in connection with an article in the magazine Vagabond.

Visual Identity



Statsbygg acts on behalf of the Norwegian government as property manager and advisor in construction and property affairs. Statsbygg offers governmental organisations premises suited to their needs, either in new or existing buildings. The Visual Identity is designed with regards to the guidelines for Universal Design - to ensure good availability.
Also look at www.statsbygg.no (Work done during my time at Gazette.)


Operaens Ballettsenter

In addition to traditional ballet, this dance assemble do a variety of modern dance. They wanted the new logo to emphasize modern dance without completely losing the ballet feeling.


Helse & Helhet

The clinic focus on both the mental and physical part of the human body combining traditional and alternative medicine.

Donna Bacalao

The opera Donna Bacalao is performed every year at the outdoor amphitheatre beautifully located by the sea in the outskirts of Kristiansund.


The Directorate of Fisheries

The Directorate of Fisheries plays an important role in esources. The Design Program was ment to combine both historical traditions and modern expression and to help promote the reputation as available, fair and interacting. (Work done during my time at Gazette.)


Byrå Tusj

The advertising agency wanted a visual identity to help them stand out in the jungle of agencies. Their primary goal was to appear stronger and make visible their knowledge about strategic design and credible advertising.http://www.tusj.no

Postcards and ad


Inspiratour offers courses, workshops and holiday activities organized by competent and recognized experts in their field.


Syntese Terapi & Coaching

Syntese Terapi & Coaching offer psychotherapy. The visual identity was developed for a two-part audience: People who are referred by a physician, and those finding leaflets at spa and fitness centers, cafes etc. The colour variations are developed to appeal to these two different groups.



From some of my personal projects.

About Tone Solholm

Tone Elin Solholm is a graphic designer with extensive experience in the industry, including 11 years in one of the largest communication agencies in Norway. Together with Torkil Faero she started Kairos Works in 2008. She has been working with a variety of industries and clients. Besides her passion for photography, Tone`s designer heart beats for visual communication, strategic design, photo books - and of course the circumnavigation that started in october 2012. Check out the facebook group "SEA the world - with Kairos". Her first photo book came in 2010. She exhibited in an group exhibition at Nordic Light International Festival of Photography in 2011, and is also represented internationally in the book and traveling photographic exhibition The View Project, USA in 2010 - curated by Joyce Tenneson. Tones had her first solo show at Fotografiens Hus in Oslo in 2012. The photobook Song of SeikilosTheir latest book collaboration was launched to critical acclaim in 2014, namely the book A photo workshop in a book. Buy the books here: kairosworkshops.com/boker/

Kairos as portrayed by Francesco Salviati in the 16th century.

What is Kairos

According to the ancient Greeks, Kairos was the god of the fleeting instant. Such a moment must be grasped; otherwise the moment is gone and can not be re-captured. In the midst of the ordinary time (kronos), extraordinary time (kairos) happens. This is the reason why Kairos has a long forelock that is easy to grasp as he is coming towards you, but the back of his head is bald and impossible to grasp once he has passed. 

Essaouira, Morocco, 2006

House Calls

The book is a compilation of pictures from travels and workshops, self-published in 2007. The Finnish American photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen has written an essay. House Calls is available at $40 +shipping. 

Snapshots from "The Road to Nidaros"

The Road to Nidaros

The Road to Nidaros - a film about walking your own adventure (2011) is the sequel to The Road to Santiago (2006). Again, we pack the bag and sets off on pilgrimage - this time in our own fairytale kingdom. The film will be shown on NRK, Easter 2012.

Growing up

A series on our closest family and its surroundings. This lifelong project is about discovering the world and ourselves.


My Body

This series derives from an assignment given in the Reflexions Masterclass by Giorgia Fiorio/Gabriel Bauret. The subject was The Human Body.
As a doctor it felt natural to dissect my own body. This is an ongoing project.

Teatro Fenice, Italy, 2009

Institutional work

Assignment photography for different institutions during the Reflections Masterclass with Georgia Fiorio and Gabriel Bauret. See www.reflexionsmasterclass.org

Work in progress


This is the start of a major project that will continue during our circumnavigation with the catamaran Kairos in 2012.

Venice, Italy, 2007

Laguna Veneta

The Venetian lagoon is filled with mystery, shades and colour - a haven for a photographer. A place to return again and again.

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Trailer from Camino to Santiago

Camino de Santiago

A documentary on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Sigurd Mikal Karoliussen and me walked the 800 km through the gorgeous northern Spanish landscape. The film is about the inner and outer journey. Camino de Santiago was shown on NRK 1 at easter 2006-08. The DVD including bonus material is available through www.massimo.no

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Clip 1: Harald Hilsen photograping horses

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Clip 2: Morten Krogvold lecturing

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Clip 3: Mimsy Møller photographing a stag party

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Clip 4: Tone Solholm photographing after 9/11

Drawing with light

Scenes from the documentary Drawing with Light. Shown on the Norwegian TV2 easter 2003. The film is about Morten Krogvolds Workshop on the Orkney Islands 2001.

About Torkil Færø

Torkil Faero is a freelance doctor, photographer and documentary filmmaker. He works as a general practitioner in short time engagements. He has made several documentaries, including Drawing with light (TV2, 2003) and Camino de Santiago (Nrk1, 2006). Torkil published a book of photographs; House CallsSong of Seikilos, a joint project with Tone Elin Solholm, came in 2012.